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At Ziiva, we offer more than a comprehensive, tailor-fit Learning Management System. We are always seeking ways to enrich your company culture and improve the online learning experience that you offer to your students, employees, customers, or users.

Top LMS Features for Selling Your Training

Posted by Dan Wheeler on Fri, May 07, 2021

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The eCommerce industry is growing fast! And while you don't have to have eCommerce to sell your training, you are likely missing out on revenue opportunities if you don't. And considering the current shift towards online everything, now is the time to either reconsider eCommerce as an option or, if you have it already, step up your game. At Ziiva, we work with all kinds of training providers and consultants to sell training directly to individuals and businesses.  

The Prosperity LMS learning platform gives you a catalog of training that your customers can purchase directly, whether it’s buying an online course or registering for a webinar or live session class.  

Here are the top 6 features our clients use to maximize their sales:

  1. eCommerce - Use a merchant account and payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal integrated with our shopping cart to automate sales. Automation means less work for you and more fluid upward scaling. Work hard and work smarter. 
  2. Training codes - Generate unique codes for your clients to distribute for specific, pre-purchased content. Easy for your clients. Easy for you.
  3. Discount codes - Generate specific item or overall discounts that can be applied at purchase to boost sales and help you track marketing campaigns. Marketing 101- everyone likes a good sale.
  4. Graphics and copy - Add photos, Instructor Bios and detailed descriptions for your content to grab your learners’ attention and keep them interested.
  5. Remarket - Email former students to let them know about new content or offer them repeat purchase discounts or referrals. They’ll follow through (again) if you follow up.
  6. Social media- share your catalog, specific classes, specials, and more on popular social media platforms. Let your learners advertise you by word of mouth by sharing their successes and learning experiences.

With features galore, figuring out how to find everything you’re looking for can be overwhelming. Choosing and LMS to help you do that shouldn’t be. Prosperity LMS makes it easy and our experienced team can help.  

Schedule a consultation call with us to learn how to get started.

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Selling Your Training with eCommerce

Posted by Kellyann Bryan on Fri, Aug 23, 2019

I was staunchly opposed to the exponential advancement of the internet. I like writing letters and telephones with cords and paper books, so all of the e-this and i-that and smart-thingamabobs seemed excessive and trivial to me. But one late and stormy night, when the lullaby of background-noise-Netflix cocooned me into a dreamy state of lethargy, I decided to peruse the internet for “things.” And I found so many. On one ordinary Saturday evening at midnight, on my couch, in my pajamas, I ordered two books, socks, a blender, and vitamins. I was ecstatic – and it was all thanks to this happy little contraption called “eCommerce.”


What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is the process of conducting a business transaction online – and online business is booming. Magnates like Amazon are raking in billions of dollars in revenue each year (roughly 100,000 of that is probably from me), but even modest businesses are seeing a huge benefit in utilizing online commerce.


How Can eCommerce Benefit Training Providers?

In the same way eCommerce benefits goods-based businesses, it can benefit you, my friend. Using eCommerce can boost an increase in your revenue, help you reach a wider customer base, and enable a you to sell training anytime, anywhere – even while you’re sipping a mojito on Santa Maria beach (send a girl an invite, okay?).


So, then what?

  • Put your current content online – live sessions, webinars, online training, assessments, training materials
  • Build your training catalog, including a training calendar if you have classroom training
  • Determine your pricing – how do you want customers to buy? Subscription? a la carte? bundles and packages?
  • Set up your shopping cart, payment gateway, and merchant account
  • Start selling!


Does this sound a little complicated? Too good to be true? Luckily, it’s neither. But it can help to have a feature-rich platform backed by an experienced team. We’ve worked with trainers from sole proprietors to large corporations, helping them transition into the wonderful world of eCommerce. Let’s chat about where you see your training going and what we can do to help.

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Here's a previous post about how a learning management system can help you sell your training, and here is our calendar if you are chomping at the bit to get started.


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