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Making sure your new LMS works for all devices

Posted by susan reuter on Tue, Feb 27, 2018

When switching your LMS, it may have compatibility issues with older browsers or operating systems. Use our infographic to help determine what your user base needs:

Making sure your new LMS works for your user base: Does the LMS work best in certain web browsers? Does the LMS require pop-ups to be enabled? Is the LMS Javascript enabled? Are LMS URLs listed as trusted sites? The best way to address browser requirements is to examine your user base. Are they part of a corporate network? YES: They will likely use the same or similar browsers and operating systems. NO: Work with your LMS provider to identify your user base. You may want to consider adding a notice for users about what browsers and features are supported. YES: Check LMS compatability: Check browser compatibility: Some corporations don't upgrade their platforms regularly and may be running old versions of browsers. Network firewall issues: There may be settings on that network's firewall that will need to be updated. This means providing the new LMS domains/IP addresses to the IT team responsible for that network.

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