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Because Safety Matters Most

Demands for keeping employees safe and complying with changing and increasingly complex regulatory requirements are relentless.  You need a learning management system (LMS) that was built for managing certification and compliance backed up by a team that understands your challenges.   

Ask us how Prosperity LMS can help manage safety training and compliance


Get automated reports and email reminders of who is / is not in compliance


Ensure training is done and audit documentation is in place. 


Minimize disruptions, and have your employees train as time allows.

Easily record attendance at stand up safety meetings and toolbox talks

We know you don’t have unlimited budgets. Our flexible billing models and experienced team will get you the system you need—in budget.  We have worked with many organizations to find creative solutions and are happy to share those ideas and best practices.   

Solutions for Safety Managers:

A woman at an assembly area

Theresa has used Prosperity for years to manage onboarding and training, but now wants to track safety audits and stand up safety meetings. 

Prosperity provided a solution to get employees and supervisors more involved in safety while giving her easy tracking and reporting.


Deirdre asked for an easier way to track a PPE program where her company requires safety shoes for employees and offers an annual allowance for their purchase. 

Prosperity provided a solution to track and report on the safety shoe program without all the spreadsheets.


Dee needs a way to easily track her training and safety meetings, but she also wants a way for those items to factor in to her quarterly safety incentive program.  

We provided an automated solution saving hours every month of manual tracking time for Dee and her supervisors.

An image of a forklift carrying a pallet of goods

Dan needs a way to meet OSHA forklift certification requirements and easily verify which warehouse operators are authorized and licensed to operate lifts. 

Prosperity LMS solved the problem, allowing Dan to put together a recurring blended learning program with video, classroom, and on-the-job training followed by both a written and driving exam. Operators who complete the program get a credit card-sized certificate license to keep with their employee badge. 

Support for Safety Departments:

  • Certification and Compliance
    Prosperity is built to support complex and changing requirements for certification and compliance, from state regulators and standards boards to your customers. We help you automate and track your company’s unique compliance certification cycles.

  • Efficiency
    The Prosperity team is committed to helping you reduce administrative time and costs, by automating and streamlining your safety training and compliance programs.

  • Tech Support
    Our technical support ranks among the best in the industry. Our exclusively U.S.-based team knows our clients by name, and is available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the system.
  • Documentation and Reporting
    You can never be too prepared for your next audit.  Prosperity offers in-depth tracking and logging of training to provide detailed reports and audit trails from individual employees to your entire workforce.

  • Skills and Competencies
    Make sure employees can safely perform tasks and operate equipment as Prosperity helps you track employee understanding and demonstration of skills and competency levels with flexible checklist-based activities for employees and supervisors to rate and sign off on proficiency.

  • Engaging and Effective Content 
    Choose from hundreds of video-based safety courses to supplement your own training and work instructions.  Train your employees with the best information and best practices for working safely.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to improve people's lives and jobs through access to knowledge.
We enjoy creating and providing software that helps you do your job better.

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