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Prosperity for the Transportation Industry

Regulatory changes add complexity in transportation

Every year brings regulatory and compliance changes to the transportation industry, from the FAA, DOT, DHS, and more. These changes will affect organizations at many levels, and your computer systems—including your learning management system (LMS)—will have to keep up.

Ask us how Prosperity LMS can help you  manage compliance in the transportation industry.

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Sue in regulatory may need numbers that her LMS doesn't report.

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Allan in HR needs to track how the old requirements map to the new, and which employees need to update their training.

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Paul in procurement
 needs to make sure the incoming parts and supplies meet the new regulations.
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This means Petra in operations will have to change her training and certification.

Not to mention that the increasing importance of cybersecurity and the rise of the #MeToo movement have triggered companies in all industries to update their training.


Wouldn't it be nice?

Each department may have purchased or built its own system at a different time and with different requirements in mind. However, as regulations evolve, companies are finding that sharing some information across systems is growing more critical.

Wouldn't it be nice if all your systems connected seamlessly, tracked what you needed, and provided you with the right information when you needed it?

1Configure a system that is built to handle changing requirements.

2Work with a system that plays well with others, connecting to systems it needs to share data with.

Prosperity by Ziiva does both with power and ease. Prosperity is an LMS platform built to handle the big, complex jobs, while still playing well with others.

Transportation solutions

We have experience with clients in the transportation industry who have required us to implement targeted, customized systems.


A medical air transport company has thousands of pilots it tracks through their various stages of certification and re-certification.Prosperity integrates the legal and regulatory requirements of multiple states for applications ranging from air medical evacuation to the oil and gas industry.


A Hazmat training provider offers to his corporate customers, each with different requirements – customized courses, special combo packages, and different methods of validating student permissions.The system makes it easy for drivers to come to the site, sign up, and the Prosperity automatically knows what training to give them, saving Jim's team hours of work. 

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How do we make the system so personalized?

But what sets Prosperity apart is HOW we configured these systems to work for each client. Our transportation industry clients didn't have to fight with complex manuals, or apply overtime to customize the system for their needs. They used our white-glove service to configure and customize a powerful platform. They provided insights, processes, and content; we saved them person-months of time by providing and supporting the LMS they needed. They were able to keep doing their jobs while we did ours.

Support for transportation needs

Prosperity by Ziiva was built for complex needs and special requests. Some of our features that service and manufacturing firms enjoy include:

  • Compliance for tracking — Our compliance tracking systems are built for an increasingly complex regulatory world. Prosperity can help you track compliance across the borders of states and countries, or even just across county lines.
  • Data — Prosperity is known for its administrative prowess and ability to access data. If your data needs change, you can get new reports using our query system.
  • Tech Support — Our technical support ranks among the best in the industry. Not only do our support team members knows our clients by name, but we support all of your learners and employees when they have problems — not just your admins.
  • Connectivity — When you partner with the Prosperity team, we work together to get your LMS connected to every system that is needed. You get easy, accurate information through a streamlined workflow.
  • Special requests — Your company has different needs — that's what sets you apart from your competitors. We help you by configuring the system to do what you need, when you need it.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to improve people's lives and jobs through access to knowledge.
We enjoy creating and providing software that helps you do your job better.

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