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Prosperity for the Industrial Sector

Safety, quality, and efficiency are important to you in the industrial sector 

and making a Learning Management System (LMS) tailored to the individual needs of our production and manufacturing clients is important to us.


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As operations manager of a fast-paced machinery company, Charlie needs to ensure his employees are always up-to-date on safety practices and OSHA training, while being able to track training easily in one place.

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The automobile industry must adhere to detailed and complex customer and ISO compliance and auditing processes. Joanne needs an LMS that facilitates audit-readiness, along with the ability to run compliance reports at a moment’s notice.

A man and woman wearing hardhats and carrying a tablet

Ahmad wants a streamlined solution to the safety training requirements he must meet for fall hazards and job site inspection within the construction industry that can be delivered on site.
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The produce wholesale and distribution industries have rigid and specific guidelines for food safety and employee training. As his company’s SQF expert, Bill desires a system in which he can organize the extensive data logs he must keep on record for his yearly audits.

We know you don’t have an unlimited budget -- with our flexible billing options and top-notch team, we will configure a training system unique to your specific needs, and well within your means.  

Industrial solutions:

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Ziiva knows that safety and compliance practices are crucial to our industrial clients.

We create Learning Management Systems that support safety training courses and compliance certification, while also providing access to detailed reports for administrators.

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Quality audits can seem overwhelming and never-ending.

Prosperity LMS will provide your managers with tools and reports for tracking anything from standards and compliance, to SOPs, in a straightforward system that secures vital records for any audit.

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The industrial sector is constantly growing and evolving.

Ziiva’s knowledgeable team will keep up with the changes, enabling training personnel to keep a higher percentage of educated employees and reduce the turnover rate.

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Every industry has on-boarding needs.

Let a Prosperity LMS make your HR managers’ lives easier by providing flexible online training that corresponds with your company’s specific training timeline, getting new employees engaged and ready to be safe and effective in their work.

Support for industrial customers:

  • Certification and Compliance
    Prosperity is built to support complex and changing requirements for certification and compliance, from state regulators and standards boards to your customers. We help you automate and track your company’s unique compliance certification cycles.

  • Efficiency
    Our team is committed to helping you reduce administrative time and costs and streamline your training and eLearning programs. Automated email notifications and reminders about training deadlines, as well as automated assignation of employees to their proper training – based on job role changes and/or certification requirements – will save your most valuable resources.

  • Tech Support
    Our technical support ranks among the best in the industry. Our exclusively U.S.-based team knows our clients by name, and is available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the system.
  • Flexibility
    Customize your LMS to accommodate a multitude of training needs, as well as provide platform sharing, community engagement, and accessible content to employees, vendors, customers, and other targeted groups within your industry.

  • Skills and Competencies
    Prosperity helps you track employee skills and competency levels and integrate that information with your payroll, HRIS, or performance management system.

  • Special Requests
    Prosperity is dedicated to providing tailored Learning Management Systems to each of our unique clients. With the ability to customize a system to your specifications, we enable you to provide the eLearning you desire, while maintaining your brand and content.

  • Documentation and Reporting 
    You can never be too prepared for your next audit.  Prosperity offers in-depth tracking and logging of training to provide detailed reports and audit trails from individual employees to your entire workforce.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to improve people's lives and jobs through access to knowledge.
We enjoy creating and providing software that helps you do your job better.

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