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The Skinny on Prosperity's User Interface

I was born right on the cusp of the digital era. Everything wasn’t digitalized yet, but things were rapidly changing – and I got to learn in both worlds. I learned how to type on a keyboard in first grade and write in cursive in second grade. By the time I made it to middle school, technology had become second nature, which on the surface might seem cool, but ... then my parents started using it. Oy vey.

Even after a considerable number of years showing them how to use the internet, create email accounts, and restart a router, I still get the (more than) occasional phone call – as if I am some sort of tech wizard (I google practically everything).

Luckily, Ziiva is happy to be the helpful resource for your students – and you! (Sorry – you’ll still have to help your parents with their router.) As an admin, we walk you through the system until you’re comfortable with how it works. After that, everything else is a cinch! (And if it’s not, we’re just a phone call away to work through any hiccups that might pop up.)


The Student Interface

The top feature of the Prosperity LMS is the ability to be highly customizable, so when it comes to the student interface of your training system, it can be as simple as you want it to be.

We will match your existing website for a seamless experience for your learners and customize a layout and workflow that quickly gets learners where they need to go.  Start with one of our mobile-friendly templates, or let us know what you want and we'll make a site as unique as your business.


For Our Manufacturing Clients

Ease-of-use is the leading concern of manufacturers regarding their training. Employees don’t have the time for a complicated, time-consuming runaround. To make sure your employees get the vital training they need to do their jobs properly and safely while getting them on the job quickly, Prosperity LMS offers

  • A training portal that is simple and easy to navigate
  • The ability to include videos, visuals, and a reference library of related materials and how-to training
  • A quick way to sign off on SOPs, work instructions and competencies
  • A layout that works as well on a mobile device on the shop floor as it does on a computer


For Our Clients Who Sell Training

Clients that sell their training and content with an LMS are also interested in an easy-to-use student interface, but perhaps more so, they are looking for a visually appealing portal. When you partner with us to sell your training, we

  • Brand your site(s), so you can maintain your image
  • Let you decide how you want to market and sell training – bundles, a la carte, discount codes, bulk purchase
  • U.S.-based tech support by phone and email available to you AND all of your users
  • Are happy to share our experiences and best practices and always willing to work with you to come up with new or different solutions


Perhaps one day my mother will stop trying to use CNN as a search engine and my dad will be able to set up an email account all on his own. Or perhaps not. Either way, I'll be there to help them -- and Ziiva will be there to help you.

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