We believe in tailoring the learning experience for excellence. Technology is a tremendous catalyst for advancement, and our mission is to use technology in a way that helps your business achieve its unique and evolving training goals. We understand that every company faces a set of challenges as individual as the business itself. Our team is driven to provide a tool that turns your challenges into opportunities for your organization. We are prodigious problem solvers focused on giving you the best end result.

It’s All About Ease of Success.

Some systems look simple at the outset, but are limited in what they can deliver. That is to say that they are often simpler than they should be, but you aren’t likely to find that out until you are knee deep in commitment. When it ultimately comes down to results, it’s not about ease of use. It’s about ease of success. There’s a big difference. To paraphrase Albert Einstein “everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler”.


Ziiva is a people-centric organization. Our customers and team are the inspiration for everything we do, and our practices and philosophy reflect our mission to use our talents and good fortune to improve every life we touch. With Prosperity, you don’t just get a great learning management system. You also get a partner who is eager to work with you every step of the way, guide you with recommendations and best practices, and adapt the system to accomplish your purpose and achieve your goals. Our team has decades of experience in training, IT, engineering, manufacturing, operations and software development, and those resources are available to advise and guide you along the way. Our technical support, development and operations teams are available to collaborate and offer support to BOTH you and your students.


You will benefit from an LMS designed to meet your current needs that can readily adapt as those needs change over time. Prosperity can adeptly handle changing requirements since our software was built to be extremely customizable and scalable. So, no matter how simple or complex your training challenges may be, we are committed to tailoring a system that is an appropriate answer to the needs of your business. We are proud to offer you Prosperity, a unique combination of a powerful learning management system supported by a solutions-focused team committed to you. With Prosperity, you will not only train – you will thrive.

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