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Hosting Prosperity LMS on premise


On-premise, perpetual licensing for Prosperity by Ziiva

Our LMS is a powerful enterprise-capable system that you can adapt to exactly fit your needs.

Looking to self-host?

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Do you have 500+ users?
Hosting your LMS on your own server with an enterprise-level perpetual license means that you will have full control over the system.

Our core platform is reliable, versatile, and scalable.
It was designed to be adapted by organizations with complex needs:

  • Selling or offering training to 500+ learners regionally, nationally, or internationally
  • Providing and partitioning training for multiple custom-branded websites
  • Selling or offering large-scale business-to-business training
  • Providing large-scale training for multiple facilities
  • Driving automation for clients in different industries

An on-premise option allows for:

  • A predictable hosting environment
  • Unlimited customization
  • Unlimited users with no incremental expenses
  • Hosting in a controlled server environment
  • Security behind your firewall
  • Installation only in the U.S.A. or Canada

Ziiva provides:

  • A highly configurable, highly scalable LMS
  • Customization and integration with other systems
  • A smooth, fast hand-off from our IT department to yours
  • Optional maintenance, support, and feature upgrades

Server environment

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012-2016
  • Microsoft SQL Licensing

Control the release cycle to meet your compliance schedule


Worth it.

Self-hosting a perpetual license is often more cost-effective than a cloud-based solution within 3-4 years.

Our on-premise, perpetual licensing experience & expertise

Department of Defense

U.S. Department of State

Automotive Industry

Financial Services

Medical Devices

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