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Can an LMS help you sell your content?

Use our checklist to decide.

An LMS unlocks proactive time and offloads administrative tasks, but can it help you grow or help sell your content?

Will it work for you? Is it worth the investment?

Use our LMS checklist to help guide your decision.

By identifying your unique needs and workflow requirements, you can decide…

An office worker using the LMS Checklistwhich LMS-supported pricing model would match your business model
  • Prepaid course codes
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Base hosting fee + individual students
  • Support bundles
  • Packaged pricing bundles
if the automation offered by an LMS will help you sell your content and grow the business
  • Automated on-boarding and training
  • Automated messaging to users
  • Technical support for your end users
  • Automatic tracking, application of state certs and requirements
  • Automatic data collection of potential students and students

if you would benefit from working closely with an experienced LMS partner

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