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Library of available courses

Whether you're training one office or a worldwide organization, Prosperity by Ziiva can connect you with a library of courses to get you up and running fast. We work with third-party content providers to give you an easy way to keep your team up-to-date on critical compliance topics and important technical skills.

Courses can be added as an option to any package.

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Explore these course options to keep your team trained:

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OSHA Compliance & Safety training

Bring your employees up to speed on the latest OSHA safety regulations with our easy-to-use, cost-effective, web-based safety training. Educating employees reduces accidents and lowers both operating and insurance costs. We offer several options for OSHA compliance and industrial safety training, all of which are web-based and highly efficient.  

Topics include:
  • Annual Safety Review
  • Back Safety
  • Conducting Safety Audits
  • Electrical Safety Training Systems
  • Safety Attitudes and Actions
  • Safety in Bloodborne Pathogens for Employees
  • Safety in Fire Prevention
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Soft Skills

Effectively learning to recognize and harness individual approaches to leadership, communication, diversity, and teamwork is critical for getting the most from your organization. Ziiva has a broad offering of practical tools for increasing productivity and improving personal performance through our soft skills library.

Topics include:
  • Developing a Strong Leadership Team
  • Developing Diverse Teams Effective
  • Leadership Emotional
  • Intelligence for Personal Leadership
  • Email and Internet Use
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Human Resources Compliance

Almost every industry has compliance issues to monitor and some more than most. Ensuring compliance across a diverse employee group is an ever-changing challenge. Prosperity by Ziiva handles complex compliance monitoring and reporting and we offer a selection of courses available.

Topics include:
  • HR Compliance
  • Ethics and Compliance Basics
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Preventing Harassment and Illegal Discrimination for Supervisors (Federal and California)
  • California and Federal Leaves
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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug-free workplaces have fewer accidents, higher productivity, and lower health care costs. Our drug and alcohol awareness library helps companies meet federal, state, and insurance carrier training requirements through programs for both employees and supervisors. It also helps mitigate legal risks by training supervisors to conduct both random and reasonable-suspicion drug testing in accordance with company policy and state and federal law.

Topics include:
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • DOT Drug Screen Collection
  • Drug Free Workplace
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